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Cours de flute traversièe / Flute Lessons


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* Description du cours :

We will first assess what level you are at and what objectives we are working towards. I will concentrate on helping you with your technique, expression, sight reading, general theoretical knowledge, as well as any specific pieces and skills which you would like to improve on.

Nous allons évaluer votre niveau ainsi que nos objectifs. Je vais me concentrer sur le développement de votre technique, expression, lecture à vue, vos connaissances de théorie musicale, ainsi que des pièces spécifiques et des compétences que vous désirez améliorer.

Valuteremo il vostro livello ed i nostri obiettivi. Mi concentrerò sullo sviluppo di vostra tecnica, espressione, lettura a prima vista, la conoscenza della teoria musicale, così come le parti e le competenze specifiche che si desidera migliorare.

* Méthode d'enseignement :

I am very passionate about helping people by better learning about their specific needs and backgrounds. Everyone has their own learning curve and I believe that learning an instrument also helps different aspects of a person's life. I want to be able to give you a sense of accomplishment and show you what is possible with proper guidance.

Parents are highly recommended to sit in during lessons to better help student’s learning process outside of lessons.

* Programme du cours :

Depending on your needs, here is my proposed 10-week plan:

Week 1: Determining level and goals for Week 5 and Week 10 with exercises and sight reading (rhythm and melody); exercises will be given to practice for next lesson.

Week 2: Evaluation on previous exercises, choice of one or more pieces to practice and sight reading.

Week 3: Focus on specific elements from first pieces (expression, technique) and introduce one or more exercises to reinforce those elements.

Week 4: Study of pieces/studies focusing on different elements to be improved upon; sight reading and r